Sister Crows Native American
2008 Pow Wow Calendar
New Hampshire
May 4        Mt. Kearsarge Indian Museum: Celebrate the Earth, Kearsarge          
                 Mountain Rd Warner,NH (603)456-3244
May 12-13  Dartmouth College: 35th Annual Dartmouth Pow-Wow, Dartmouth  
                 Green Hanover, NH (603)646-3792
May 17-18  New Hampshire Intertribal Council: 15th Annual Pow-Wow,            
                 Tamworth Campground, Off RT.16, Tamworth NH (603)539-5015
June 28-29 Mother Earth Creations: 6th Annual Pow-Wow, 2145 West Ossipee,
                 NH (603)323-8181
July 12-13  Mt. Kearsarge Indian Museum: 9th Annual Intertribal Pow-Wow,     
                 Kearsarge Mountain Rd, Warner,NH (603)456-3244
July 26-27  LIHA: Leamers Weekend, Dulac Land Trust, 109 Osgood Rd,          
                 Sanbornton, NH (603)934-4537
Aug 2-3     Mother Earth Creations: 6th Annual Intertribal Pow-Wow,2145 Rt.    
                16, West Ossipee, NH (603)323-8181
Aug 23-24 1st Great Northern Moose Intertribal Pow-Wow, 1442 Rt.16            
                 Dummer, NH (603)449-2300
Aug 29-31  LIHA: 38th Annual Labor Day Pow-Wow, Dulac Land Trust, 109    
                 Osgood Rd, Sanbornton, NH (603)934-5338
Sept 1-3     Parkers Maple Barn: 12th Annual "Honor the Spirit" Pow-Wow,        
                 Mason, NH (603)495-0205
Sept 20-21  Mother Earth Creations: 6th Annual Intertribal Pow-Wow, 2145 Rt.  
                 16, West Ossipee, NH (603) 323-8181
Sept 27      Mt. Kearsarge Indian Museum: Harvest Moon Festival, Kearsarge     
                 Mountain Road, Warner NH (603)456-3244
Sept 27-28 Tamaqua: Tamaqua Intertribal Gathering, Field N Forest Recreation   
                 Area, 278 Bond's Corner Rd, Hancock, NH (603) 525-3568
Oct 11-12  Abenaki Nation of NH: 12th Annual Abenaki Heritage Weekend,        
                 Mi-Te-Jo Campground, Milton, NH (603)473-2746
Nov 29-30  Mt. Kearsarge Indian Museum: Winter Celebration, Kearsarge          
                 Mountain Rd, Warner, NH (603)456-3244

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